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I’ve been thinking about teacher orientation resources for a few weeks. A few friends of mine have larger staff turnover than usual and are hoping to work with new teachers. I shared a few of my documents with them and then set about revising my own documents. We did not gain any new staff members last fall so I have had almost two years away from my documents.

I try to keep it simple, but comprehensive. I know that few people want to take the time to read a packet of information, but I haven’t always gotten time with new staff members and provide print materials regardless. My thoughts are that at least the information is out there in print. I admit there’s also a bit of “I did my job thinking through the policies and communicating them with you.”

Here’s what I usually provide:

General Library Information

  • Instruction & Research
    • Schedule (we have a modified fixed schedule)
    • Information Skills Integration (mini lessons, projects)
    • Library as a Space (how can you schedule the room)
  • Resources
    • Online catalog access
    • E-books
    • Destiny Quest app
    • Online subscriptions (with passwords and notice that these passwords can only be shared in print and not posted online)
    • School professional collection information
    • Videos
    • District Professional Library information
    • Public Library (how to get a card, nearest branch, their online resources)
  • Cameras, Equipment & Technology
    • Cameras
    • Electronic response clickers
    • Technology support (which staff member to report which tech issues to)
  • Checkout Policies for Staff
    • Staff checkout limits
    • After hours checkout
    • Finite resources warning (encouraging teachers to share and leave some books on the shelves for students who love to read about what they are studying in class)
  • Student Procedures
    • Open checkout information
    • Return procedures (when and where the books are due)
    • Library cards (students have them in the library)
    • Library passes
    • Student checkout limits
    • Overdue notifications
    • Library is available for many purposes (students can work independently)
    • Alternative for recess (procedure for sending students, time limit, library space is not for time out or punishment)

Every time I read and revise this list I change something. Right now the library passes I would like to see used for computers aren’t used. In general in my current school we don’t use passes. I can take this bit out of my list. Until this year I had the Instruction & Research section at the end. I’ve decided it’s the most important and it’s now first. It could also use a few more details.

I also think it is important to provide teachers with more than just procedures. I am an instructional partner. If I simply provided procedural and policy information to teachers then I might be seen simply as someone who manages space and resources.

Instructional ResourcesRF_Standards_Outline

  • Pacing Guide (my plan for my fixed lessons)
  • List of mini lesson topics (ones I can do in the classroom or as part of a unit)
  • Collaboration Lesson Ideas (4-5 fleshed out ideas for each grade level for inquiry, project-based or problem-based learning all connected to state standards)
  • Standards outline by grade level (which state standards and AASL Standards will be the focus for each grade level)


We have been in the process of getting a new district web platform for two years, so I’ve procrastinated putting resources online. As soon as I get access to our new system, much of this information will be accessible in electronic format for our staff.

July 18, 2016
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