Need to Read Reflection

Amy B. of Classic Six Books and I challenged each other to get back to blogging. We’re doing it by revisiting an old post for a bit of reflection and also by posting something new during the week. Amy and I are enthusiastic, but flawed, humans. We’re already behind. I say that with a really big smile on my face. Because it doesn’t matter.

I looked at my blog archive and picked the month April 2012 to see what was going on over three years ago. The post “Need to Read” caught my eye. Maybe I’m just drawn to my own failures? I have the SAME problem I had three years ago! I don’t read enough middle grade fiction. Picture books are fairly easy to catch up with by standing in the bookstore for 20 minutes, reading blogs, and listening to others talk about their favorites. Novels aren’t quite so easy. I know about a lot of novels, but I don’t always know enough to help students find just what they need.

Three years ago, I had a stack of specific books to read. Let’s check in to see if I actually read all of these!

And the answer is…no. I did not read all of these.

This year I started reading the Readers’ Advisory Handbook. It was recommended by BJ McCracken during a workshop I attended. I read a chapter about strategies for keeping up with reading. I need to embrace these strategies, such as book walking (reading the covers, flaps, first page, last page, and a random page or two from the middle), as a positive and not as a failing. I’m meeting my needs as a reader by tackling about 250 novels a year and I’m meeting my student readers’ needs by keeping up with blogs about the best books, book reviews, book walking, and reading what I can when I can get to it.

Happy Reading!

July 17, 2015
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