Found Friday: Story Starters for Children’s Book Week

Found-Friday_TwitterChildren’s Book Week is not until May, but I was exploring the website in anticipation of the events for the celebration. I found these great story starters created by various authors. I don’t think they are a new addition to the site, but they are new to me. I can’t wait to use them in library centers this spring!

All of the story starters are portrait oriented traditional starters with lined paper. The exception is Mo Willems, who created a graphic panel layout for his. I think this one will hold the most appeal for my students. I will make a few copies of this one to slide into sheet protectors for students to story tell writing with dry erase markers. For the others I will make consumable copies so that students can take their work with them.


These story starters would be a anchor station to use when inviting a teacher in to the library to explore centers. Give students and teachers a break from their usual writing routine to spark some creativity in the library.

I think these centers would be great companions to add for students to use and explore.

Tall Tale Card Game from Blue Orange. And ooooh, they also have a Fairy Tale version!

Storytelling GamesThere are many kinds of story telling cubes and cards that are now available. I love the ‘original’ story cubes, which has several versions available. For younger students, I love these soft foam ones as well. I’m going to have to get a set of these to add to my collection! Melissa at Imagination Soup blogged about these as well as a few others.

Finger puppets are wonderful for helping students retell stories they already know. Set up a center with some puppets from a favorite story such as The Three Little Pigs and then provide some story variations. Throw in three characters of another kind or an alternate “Big Bad.” Students can use the structure of the story they know

Jess has also blogged about some great writing centers. My students really love the graphic novel fill-ins she mentions!

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