Make-it-Take-it Library Centers Part 3

RF_Character_DialogueWay back in November, I presented at our state conference about library centers. We actually got down to the nitty -gritty and made some. Here are the last five of fifteen centers that I presented at that Make-it-Take-it session! The first ten can be found here and here.

Character Dialogue with Discarded Books

Students love to do “fill ins” where they fill in the dialogue for characters they are familiar with. Challenge students who know the text well to create new imaginative scenarios. These work great with pages put in sheet protectors with dry erase markers. You can do this with primary sources, famous paintings, or funny pictures that need captions.

RF_Shape_DominoesShape Dominoes

Students play traditional dominoes by matching the shapes. I love these Shape Dominoes because younger students enjoy creating their own rules to games. These cards are flexible and will allow students to be creative as they make their own games and rules.


This is a new one for me, and one I can’t wait to try! This triangle idea could be really versatile.  Students get a set of a few triangles cut in pieces and assemble them into the correct partnerships. You can use this example and make sets of multiple meaning words or any number of ideas. I thought I might make a set to match a capital letter, lower case letter, and a picture with that beginning sound for my Kinders. They like table puzzles like this.

Animal Measuring Stations

Animal Measuring Stations were one of the first things I made for TeachersPayTeachers. The files could probably use a little bit of revision or updating, but overall I’m fairly proud of them. You can download the Marine Iguana for free and buy the other 7 individually, or all 8 are available in a discounted bundle.

Estimation Station

An estimation station gives students practice at an important math skill. Teachers have said in our staff meetings that our students need a lot more practice with estimating. I believe it translates directly to their ability to be aware of the reasonableness of their answers. They can translate the skill directly to standardized tests by asking, “does my answer make sense?”  RF_marshmallow_estimation


P.S. Full disclosure: I really hate marshmallows! I tolerate them in hot chocolate, which is my winter addiction. And there were 514 in the jar. I know you were wondering ;)


  1. I also dislike marshmallows in my hot chocolate. Which is strange because usually the more sugar, the more I like it. :/
    Also I totally need to pull out the Animal Measuring Stations. I got them and then never could figure out where to put them. But NOW I HAVE WALLS so there is more space to hang things. I mean, I could have like put them horizontally but I find the idea of laying on the school floor less than hygienic. I guess the kids don’t care but I do.

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