Make-it-Take-it Library Centers Part 2

RF_old_lady_jarAt our Virginia fall conference, I set up 15 stations for participants to take away a tangible copy or item for each library center I shared. I’m presenting five in three different posts. You can read about the first five here. Next week, the last five will be posted. Here are descriptions with all the links and resources you need.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Retelling

Retell stories with a simple structure by writing story events on craft sticks and dropping them into a container. What makes this story an awesome choice is the Mrs. Buttersworth syrup containers! You can tell the original version as well as all of the spinoffs. It’s a center concept you can get a lot of mileage from.

Would you Rather

This center can be used in a few ways. You can provide students with many Would you Rathers for them to ask each other in a small group. Or, you could post a Would you Rather of the day on a shelf top, by a door, etc. Students can respond verbally or in writing. It would make a great activity for a bit of window or wall space you have available.

Visit Cari Young’s TeachersPayTeachers site for seasonal Would you Rather sets of questions that are ready for you to use!

RF_shadow_puppet_theaterShadow Puppet Boxes

Puppets are a great way to encourage storytelling. I incorporate puppets in several different ways in my centers. My students love finger puppets, so I thought I would try this puppet theater option. The directions are great, but in a school setting the light source is important if you want true shadows to show. If you have a table where it can be darker it would increase the ability for students to see the shadows. I can turn off a third of my lights over the tables, which helps the flashlight do their work.

Reading buddies

Reading buddies are an easy and classic library center. Reading buddies can work in several ways. You can use stuffed animals in any size. I keep a bowl of beanie sized reading buddies out at the center tables. My library also has a basket of large stuffed animals for cuddling. Students take an animal out of the basket, sit down to snuggle, and read their books. I often see students crashed on our bean bag chairs with a stuffed alligator tucked in next to them. I do make sure and wash the animals a few times a year. If you have any chronic problems with lice this might not be the best kind of center to begin.

Books We Are Thankful For!

RF_books_thankful_turkeyI’m not usually a fan of ‘craftivities,’ but I like this one that allows students to recommend books. It also makes a great seasonal display! I originally saw the idea at Ms. O’s blog. (You should really be following her!) You can adapt the activity to other seasons (or wait until November to try this one!). Have students write on hearts for Valentine’s Day, write on bunny ears or flower petals in the spring. There are a lot of great upcoming opportunities.

January 7, 2015
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