Library Call Number Scavenger Hunts

RF_callnumberhunt1A year ago I posted about my Where’s Waldo library center where students search the library shelves for Waldo character cutouts. When they found the characters and objects they recorded one call number from a book on the shelf where that item was. After finding all eleven items, students’ names were posted to my “Where’s Waldo Wall of Waldo-Finders.”

I fully intended to move or take down the Waldo search, but it seemed like each week a different group of students started the hunt. It was a center that had a lot of life and vitality for several months, but students only participated once because I never moved the Waldo items.

This year I simplified the call number activity. I just hide one item, a pirate’s treasure, and I move it every other week. This gives students plenty of time to find the object and record the call number. They stay interested in the center by restarting the hunt each time I move the treasure chest and unlike last year students participate in the search more than once.

A friend of mine suggested hiding two objects in the library and having a call number hunt for younger and older students. I think that’s a great idea! It would be easy to designate which item each group is searching for and older students could participate in both.

I don’t usually give prizes for this center. I do prizes for my Question of the Week and Estimation Station. I don’t want to become too prize driven. I just post the answer (a call number range) on the bulletin board for students to check later and staple up all of the tickets of the students who got a correct answer.

I created a set of four call number scavenger hunts available at Teachers Pay Teachers. Students can search for the pirate’s treasure, the banana lost by the monkey, the bone lost by the dog or the fish that jumped out of the bowl. The set includes a direction page and answer slips along with each of the items.


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