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its-monday-what-are-you-reading-2a798miIt’s Monday!  A delightful January day, if I do say so myself. Let’s celebrate with a day for books! A day for reading! You can catch up with other IMWAYR readers by visiting the blogs of the meme’s hosts. It started with Sheila at Book Journeys and Jen organizes the kid lit version at Teach Mentor Texts. Drop by to see what other bloggers are reading this week.

This week I have been focusing on some of the gallies I have on my Kindle as well as keeping up with the holds that come through from my library account at Overdrive. I keep telling myself I need to stop putting books on hold, but then I see all these great books I want to read.

Tomorrow is the official book birthday of All the Answers by Kate Messner.  Let me tell you, this is a GREAT week for birthdays!! (Sorry about all the exclamation points–it’s just that kind of blog post.) I really enjoyed most of All the Answers. I think the only smidge I didn’t care for was actually perfect for the characters, the plot, and the students that will read it. Perhaps I was just feeling a bit off about it because I didn’t see the ending coming. I didn’t pick up on the foreshadowing so hopefully students will be appreciative of the surprise ending and then will love going back to find the clues. I know I always love doing that with books.


I decided to abandon The Seeker. I might pick it up next week. I think I’m weary of fantasy books that start off on an adventure with a bunch of clues attached only to vague descriptors (i.e., We need to go there to find the thing.). When the characters have more background information but aren’t revealing it to the reader I’m more frustrated than intrigued. This one could have used a bit more world building to keep me reading past the first thirty pages.

I got my first Junior Library Guild box for my new school! For this month I had forgotten to look at the shipment list ahead of time, so I was surprised by the contents. I loved Shooting at the Stars. I have a few students who I can recommend this book to right away.

My coworker in the library plucked Zoo at the Edge of the World out to read after it got returned unfinished by the first student who borrowed it. We’re going to see if we can connect it to the right reader. She reports that the first half is really interesting, but she’s not sure about the talking animals.

There are a few things rolling over from one week to the next (or multiple past week’s to the next). I’m headed to ALA Midwinter this weekend and I know that my list is just going to get longer.  I’m not even going to predict what I’ll get finished this week, but it might be one of these:


January 26, 2015
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