Found Friday: Maps

Found-Friday_TwitterIt’s Found Friday! I did some finding this week from some pins I’ve had in mind for awhile and some new ones I discovered. I want to get some map centers added to the library soon. These are some of my top choices!

First up is turning a lesson I did with a small group into a permanent center. Use a book like How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World where students can match an event in the book to a location on the map. Cut out symbols or pictures, laminate, and stick to the map with Velcro dots. Students can match the right picture to the right location. They can also label the map with dry erase markers if you’re using a recycled desk map.


My mom has started using her new sewing machine to embroider the names of each continent onto felt. After I cut out the continents students will be able to build a world map on a felt board. These are two I’ve mentioned before, but I still love them!

RF_FF_continents RF_FF_globe map

I love the idea of this writing center! I’ve had the idea saved for quite awhile, but had forgotten about it. I’m kicking myself for cleaning old maps out of my car and NOT saving them! I should have been a pack rat!


I don’t have much wall space, but I have a shelf end where I think I can put up a map. I’ll start with one of our local area and have students start to find our school, their house, and maybe some things in the downtown D.C. area.


If you can find a state map puzzle with pieces in the shape of each state it will be easy and cheap to create this center.


And finally, I love the idea of these fairy tale maps. I would love to sit and draw one of these! This could be turned three dimensional if you had a good collection of small hobby pieces and small characters or game pieces.



  1. It isn’t often that being a pack rat pays off!! So many awesome ideas and your students look engaged.

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