Found Friday: Apple in a Jar

Found-Friday_TwitterYou remember my obsession with dirt and dead stuff in a tank? Frankly, I’m not sure I’ve let any year pass without at least one project in my classroom or library including one really dirty project.

Tomorrow I’m hosting a really awesome Library Centers event at my library. We’re doing a Make-it-Take-it day. We have worked on grant proposals and shared ideas, but it was going too slowly for me. A few friends and I finally decided we should just ask everyone interested to bring $20 and a sandwich and we would gather for a few hours of assembling centers.

When I found this pin, I knew it would be the perfect center to add to our lineup of centers to make. It is small, self-contained, doesn’t need a lot of supplies, and (most importantly) involves dead things.RF_FF_apple_jar

We’re going to watch an apple rot in a jar in our libraries!  I’m tempted to start a Twitter or Instagram feed with photos of my apple’s status through the year. (Hashtag: Today the Apple Is…) I won’t really, but that’s how excited I am about this simple center!

Inspired by the apple, here are some other pins of dirt or dead stuff that I found and think will be great for library centers. I hope I’ve inspired you to let your library get a little bit dirty!!





January 9, 2015
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