Found Friday: Poetry Pointers

It’s Found Friday!

Even better, it’s the first Friday of the school year! And HOORAY for 4-day weeks!!! I love all of these things.

I do not love how much my feet hurt from wearing the cute shoes on the 2nd day of school. I don’t know what it says about me that I was smart enough not to wear them on the first day, but not on the second day. Every year I anticipate being more fashionable. It’s not worth it (to me).

Back to the good stuff! Things you can do with craft sticks! Even better–things you can do with googly eyes! And with pom-poms.

I know you have a box. That one special box with all those random bits in it. I can hear your brain now, “I’m going to save this little bell because one day (ONE DAY!) I will NEED this little bell and it will be RIGHT HERE.”

The day comes.

“Where is my little bell! I put it in a SAFE PLACE!”

I need there to be a box labeled “Safe Place.”  I would keep my world in it.

(My apologies. You’re getting one of ‘those posts.’ with the one liners and the caps lock button being used too much.)

Back to the good stuff. Again.

A loooonnnggg time ago I found this blog post with this picture:


I love the idea of students following along with a text with an eye pointer!

I’ve just never gotten around to it. (Which is really pretty sad. It’s just an eye on a stick!)

Today I have for you this Pin of Eye Pointers joined by a dozen pointer cousins!


Next on my list is to make some poetry cards with the dots similar to the Montessori ones. I think these will make a great center for Kindergarten and First Graders. I have to remind myself that such poetry cards do not have to be perfect and there is no right way to make them. I think I’ll start with some standard nursery rhymes as well as poetry from Kenn Nesbitt’s Poetry 4 Kids and Bruce Lansky’s Giggle Poetry.

Found_Friday_SmallI hope you’ve been enjoying Found Friday! You can find more great centers posts at Jess’s Mrs. Lodge’s Library and Cari’s Library Learners.


  1. Carolyn, thanks for sharing this poetry activity! I’m definitely pinning it and adding to my library centers!

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