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sale_300_300The annual back-to-school sale begins tomorrow at Teachers Pay Teachers.

I know there has been a lot of interest in my Kindergarten Library Assessment Tools. Many comments have been left asking if/when I’ll post ones for the other grades. I have these about half finished. I have stalled on the project. I cannot decide if I should post a package that I feel is not comprehensive, but has a few useful tools, or if I should wait and continue the project. I hope to have some time to re-evaluate this project soon.

I have posted a few new items this summer. I’m quite pleased with my library management tools that I’ve collected. These are all forms and tools that I use regularly to keep the library running smoothly behind the scenes. I have prettied-up the forms and have created some alternatives of a few of them to be more adaptable for you. There are five individual sets for different areas of the library and also a package of all five sets together.

I created a set of acrostic poetry templates intended for library centers. Quick and simple, these can be printed on cardstock and laminated so that your students can use dry erase markers on them. These are free. I am continuing to see if it’s possible for free products with the option for making a donation is an effective model on TeachersPayTeachers. If you use a free product and it’s useful to you, then please consider making a donation.


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Just this weekend, I have finished another activity intended to be a library center. This book care and reading promotion game is the brain child of a friend of mine who gave me permission to create a digital version. She adapted an old game of Candyland for the version that is going in our center kits this fall. I’ve created a digital version you can print and use in several ways. The game can be used independently in a library center. Multiple copies can be made so that students can play in table groups. There are also SMART Notebook and ActivInspire files to play the game as an entire class.

There are a lot of items in my store I find particularly useful for back-to-school. Take a look at the Fire Drill Procedural Posters I made so that I would remember to mention what we should do during a fire drill in the library. There’s also four packages and a bundle of Estimation Station posters if you want to add an estimating center to your library. If you’re still learning Destiny or need a quick tutorial, I have a free package with step by step directions for everything from adding your own Kindergarten pictures, changing the circulation sound effects, and linking your visual search icons to resource lists.  I always use a large batch of Hold Slips at the beginning of the school year. Perhaps you could use some?

I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been posting for back-to-library! Happy Shopping!


August 3, 2014
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