Found Friday: Legos

Found Friday at Risking FailureIt’s Found Friday! Cari at Library Learners, Jess at Mrs. Lodge’s Library and I have been blogging on several Fridays about the library centers we’ve found and can’t wait to recreate or try.

Last year I added Mrs. Lodge’s Lego Poetry to my centers rotation. I highly recommend it as a Lego starting point.

Lego Poetry from Mrs. Lodge's Library

Students enjoy being creative and building. I would like to add more Lego centers as options for students. The first is a Lego game. A creative mom made this game board.

Lego Game

Players take turns moving around the board and following the directions such as “take one blue Lego from each player.” Or, “give the player to your left your smallest Lego.” When the game has finished, there isn’t a traditional winner. Instead, everyone at the game builds something with the pieces they have left.

Right now I don’t have Legos in my library. I’m going to try this idea to see if I can get enough of a collection. I will be reminding my school’s parents that Legos are very painful to step on, and if they want to help us out (and get rid of the irksome foot pain), they can send a snack size baggie to school with one or a few Legos and donate to the cause. If a large enough number participate and donate just one or two bricks, then I’ll have enough to put this game cente

August 8, 2014
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