Found Friday: Felt Activities

Found_FridayI kind of forgot that last week had a Friday in it…but here we are again with Found Friday! Cari from Library Learners and Jess from Mrs. Lodge’s Library and I are bringing you library centers ideas we’ve found on Pinterest and blogs. Some are ideas we’ve implemented and others are centers we want to try out for the first time.

I thought I would do a flannel and felt board focus for today. I have some recent finds to share as well as one success.

In getting ready for centers for the coming year, I found this great map activity.

RF_FF_globe map

I was looking for social studies centers at the time and thought this would be perfect for several grades where students are learning to place the continents on a map, and to label them correctly.

My mom has a new machine (don’t ask me what it’s called) that will do embroidery patterns. She has been putting monograms on some of the blankets my niece and nephew have needed for day care, so I asked if she could do small print on felt. She whipped out a sheet of felt with the names of each continent and ocean. All I have to do is snip around each and I have instant flannel board labels!

Then I started searching for good patterns to use to make each of the continents. Which is when I came across this blog, from which I have pinned this picture with a sample of what this mom has done for her Montessori students.

RF_FF_continentsShe has free patterns for a great set of continents and even more on her site than I’m planning to do. I just love all of the ideas in this post though. Montessori blogs are great places to find library center ideas!

Last month while looking for science ideas I found this great flannel set on Etsy. I haven’t purchased one yet, so don’t go buying them all before I can get one!


I could probably make my own, but I thought I would support small business and purchase one when (if) we get grant funding for the centers project I’ve been working on.

And finally, something from my own brain. I tried to find a great picture and failed. Two years ago I made magnetic/flannel boards from dollar store cookie sheets. They’re so easy to make and it’s really nice to have both kinds of boards in one. I bought a stack of small cookie sheets and a yard or so of felt. I cut the felt to the size of the bottom of the pan. Using spray adhesive, I stuck the felt to the bottom of the cookie sheets. They stack well, and it’s great to use the magnetic side on the top of the trays for letters and poetry and the back side for felt and flannel pieces. Here’s a picture of the magnet side of the pans.


For the continent project above, I plan to use a cookie sheet because they’re sturdy, mostly flat, and easy to glue felt to.

I hope you’re doing well in your back-to-school preparations!

Update: I forgot one thing and found one thing! There is another regular Friday blog topic called Flannel Friday for (mostly) librarians to share the flannel board creations they’ve made for (mostly) story times at public libraries. There are some great great ideas that I think made wonderful centers. Students love to retell the stories they hear you read. I have Mr. Wiggle felt pieces that my Kinders love to use. Go follow Flannel Friday on Pinterest, and check out the Flannel Friday blog, which is helpful if you want to participate.

And, as I was reading my blogroll this morning I came across this post at Librarian Less Ordinary about flannel pieces for Lois Ehlert’s Color Zoo. I think these would be simple to make and would make a great center!



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