Found Friday: Magnetic Poetry

Found_FridayEach Friday, Cari from Library Learners and Jess from Mrs. Lodge’s Library and I are sharing a few ideas we have tried or want to try for library centers. This week I have re-found a few ideas from my library center pins that I should get implemented and soon!!!

First up is this pin is from Mrs. Lodge’s Library. In one of her libraries she had the space for an oil drip pan. They make a great cheap, large magnetic surface. But they are REALLY big! One of these wouldn’t fit on the end of my shelf in my library, so I used an old piece of metal shelving, cut to size and spray painted. A large cookie sheet would work as well for a smaller space.



My students do like to use the large box of magnetic words I have collected, but sometimes I think they could use a bit of whimsy and excitement at this center. Which is why I love these face magnets!! I have got to make some of these to throw in my magnetic poetry box.


I also think this large 2D version of Mr. Potato Head would make a great magnetic library center. The body parts and accessories could be printed on magnet paper and made the same way as the magnetic faces.


July 18, 2014
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    I created my own magnetic poetry using magnetic sheets of paper, typing out tons of words and printing them out. The kids loved it as a center. LOVED it. I bought two of the oil pans and let them divide out the magnets between the pans–I propped the pans against the ends of two shelves and the kids sat on the floor and worked together on making poems or other creative sentences.

    July 20, 2014 at 3:07 am
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