Found Friday: Connect Four

Found_FridayEach Friday Cari at LibraryLearners and Jess at Mrs. Lodge’s Library are posting ideas for centers for our libraries. Some of them will be some tried and true favorites, and others may be inspiration we’ve found that we want to experiment for ourselves. After you read through these, be sure to check out their ideas as well!

So this is what I have on my mind this week…

There are so many ways to practice letters, sounds, and sight words in centers. Having a variety of tiles, games and activities is one of the easy ways to add quantity to your centers. I love the game Pairs in Pairs because the game is easy and because the letter tiles are nice and large. They’re great for little fingers. Since that has been a success with my students, I want to continue to add word work centers. This year I want to add these activities using recycled Connect Four games.



In their library centers, Cassandra Ellis and Melissa White made popsicle puzzles of each book cover on their state award readers choice nominee list. I’m planning to make a few sets of these for the fall. Cassandra posts about a lot of centers at the blogs for their middle and elementary school and she’s actively using the #librarycenters hashtag on Twitter.


I started the following center in January with the intention of it lasting a week or two. Instead it stayed out for the rest of the school year.

Here’s Waldo hiding in my library:

Students were shown the pictures of 11 items from the Where’s Waldo books to look for around the library including some of the characters and Waldo’s items, like his binoculars. When they found the item, students recorded one call number from a book that was on the same shelf. It gave them good practice identifying and reading spine labels.

I got this inspiration from the Nerd Craft Librarian.


If you find great projects that would be wonderful library centers, drop a line in the comments or tweet them out to #librarycenters! See you next Friday!


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