The Bug Puzzle Motivation

Melissa & Doug Bug PuzzleI was at a large consignment sale with my sister earlier this year keeping my eye out for activities that would be great for library centers. I got lucky and there was a large collection of floor puzzles, mostly from Melissa & Doug, which I love the quality of. As I was loading my arms (no basket, because I hadn’t planned to get so much!) I had a sudden inspiration. I looked at my sister and started thinking aloud.

I don’t have much storage space at work. What we have is used mostly for equipment and necessary library supplies. I have three shelves on a book case and two cabinets for my personal teaching supplies. Definitely not enough room to store a stack of floor puzzles. And I really needed new puzzles because my students have been putting together the same large bug puzzle and number train all year. My dilemma of how to rotate my supplies without using too much storage space came to me in a moment of sudden inspiration.

What if a set of centers were stored in a large storage tote and they rotated every month between schools? This would eliminate the need for me (or any of us) to store centers that aren’t in use AND it would provide fresh centers regularly to each library.

I hope you have friends like I have. You know, those you can talk crazy to? I emailed two friends and said, “What if…..?” and “Am I crazy?”

The answer was that I was not crazy (kind of a surprise) and that they were both in for the idea. Not only were they in for the idea of putting together sets of centers, but we’re planning to apply for a local grant to get the big stuff funded! Since that moment we’ve put together a list of twelve elementary schools and librarians that want to participate, and we’ve started a master list of all the centers we want to include. I can’t wait to take pictures and share the final result!

Found_Friday_SmallKeep your eye out for some of the tried and true favorites we’re putting in our centers kits and for some new ideas that I’ve brainstormed. Every Friday starting in July you can check in for Found Friday on this blog, Cari’s over at LibraryLearners and Jess’ at Mrs. Lodge’s Library. We all needed a bit of blogging motivation so we’re getting into a summer blogging groove with some centers fun!

June 27, 2014
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