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Valentine's Day blog post for students. | Risking-Failure.comIf you have a webspace you try to keep updated weekly for students you might be interested in this series of blog posts I have been writing. Each week on Friday I post a short blog post that can be put on your school page. I include a graphic, links to resources, and often additional content such as a PDF download or code for a Book Box Widget. I have sets of blog posts at TeachersPayTeachers and I’m adding individual posts, which are free. If you can use them and like them then you might want to consider a donation. I’m continuing with my new TeachersPayTeachers pricing model for some of my content. Only pay for what you like and use. This Valentine’s Day post is here.

Valentine's Day blog post for students. | Risking-Failure.comValentine’s Day is more than just a day to celebrate love. It’s a celebration of who we are as people. As humans we thrive because of our relationships with other people. We work together in groups to solve problems. We have teams to accomplish goals. We have friends to spend time with. We learn from others of all ages.

The people around us make a difference to us every day.

Which is why February 14th is a great day to write letters and cards to friends and family members we appreciate.

Valentine’s Day has a long history and there are many different traditions celebrated around the world. The United Kingdom began the tradition of sending flowers, chocolates and cards. In the area of Slovenia (in Europe near Austria and Hungary) February 14th is a celebration of spring. Men and women go out into the fields to being their work. In some countries in Central America February 14th is a traditional day to do acts of kindness for friends.

To celebrate this week of Kindness and the people we love here are a few things you can do:

Monday: Read about the traditions of Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday: Do like puzzles? Do this interactive word search from National Geographic Kids.

Wednesday: Do a Random Act of Kindness for someone. Here are some ideas for people of all ages.

Thursday: Make a card for a friend or relative. Follow these directions at Instructables for a simple card or for a more challenging card.

Friday: Watch a Valentine-themed video from PBS Kids.

February 7, 2014
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