Snow Day Should’ves

Snow Day Should-haves. | Risking-Failure.comWe’ve had a lot of snow days in the past six weeks. Between snow and Presidents’ Day we had a five day weekend this week. I was looking forward to snow days. I have a lot of projects in my brain. I don’t want to wait to do them in the summer. So the extra time of the snow days was really great. I had all these plans to be productive and to get projects done. Instead, I offer to you my list of “Should-haves:”

I should have been working on new Library Centers.

Instead I’ve been taking extra naps.

I should have been finishing Eleanor & Park or Flora & Ulysses.

Instead, I’ve been romance novels by Bella Andre.

I should have been cleaning my kitchen.

Instead I made it messier by making Blueberry Cornbread Muffins.

I should have been writing blog posts that are more interesting than this.

Instead I’ve been mindlessly surfing Twitter.

I should be working on lesson plans and assessment plans and other kinds of plans.

Instead I’ve made no plans.

I am not sure I can handle any more snow days… I might forget how to do any work altogether!

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