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A Presidents' Day Blog Post for your school website. | Risking-Failure.comIf you have a webspace you try to keep updated weekly for students you might be interested in this series of blog posts I have been writing. Each week on Friday I post a short blog post that can be put on your school page. I include a graphic, links to resources, and often additional content such as a PDF download or code for a Book Box Widget. I have sets of fall-themed blog posts at TeachersPayTeachers and I’m adding individual posts this winter, which are free. If you can use them and like them then you might want to consider a donation. I’m continuing with my new TeachersPayTeachers pricing model for some of my content. Only pay for what you like and use. Here’s this Presidents’ Day post.

This week begins with Presidents’A Presidents' Day Blog Post for your school website. | Day. President’s Day is always the third Monday in February because it is a day very close to the birthdays of both President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln.

Have you ever wondered how some of our presidential heroes got the job in the first place? Do you ever dream of being President? Maybe you’ve got what it takes!

You can read about the achievements of many presidents at Amazing Americans. What kinds of qualities did our past leaders have?

Would you be a good President? Do you have the right skills, ability to make decisions, and a positive personality? Find out in these two interactive games: If You Were President and President for a Day!

If you discover that you would be a great President, you should check out your future residence. The White House offers an online tour. Learn about the history of the house through maps, photos, and videos.

Finally, listen to what other kids would do if they were Kid President:

I hope you enjoy some of these Presidents’ Day Resources as much as I do!

February 14, 2014
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