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Winter Olympics at Sochi blog post for students. | The third time is a charm they say, so here’s another post for my student blog. I’m continuing to keep it updated weekly with current events and topics. I try not to overlook it, but without a plan I forget about it too easily. If you have a similar space you might be interested in this content as well. I have sets of blog posts at TeachersPayTeachers and I’m adding individual posts, which are free. If you can use them and like them then you might want to consider a donation. I’m continuing with my new TeachersPayTeachers pricing model for some of my content. Only pay for what you like and use. This Winter Olympics post is here.

Every two years countries cWinter Olympics at Sochi blog post for students. | Risking-Failure.comome together to celebrate athletes, culture, and team spirit during Olympic Games. The modern Olympics began in 1896 and have seen many milestones since then. There are now summer Olympics and winter Olympics to celebrate many different kinds of sports. Most countries in the world participate, even when there are disagreements and difficulties.

I hope that during the days in February you have time to watch some of your favorite sports and discover new ones! All of the events will be held in Russia around the town of Sochi. (Click here to hear how the name “Sochi” is pronounced!) Winter Olympics are usually held in a city where there is enough snow for athletes to be able to ski, skate, and slide.

There are many sources to read about the Sochi Olympics. Start at Time For Kids to learn how much work happened to get ready for the variety of sporting events being held in Sochi. There needs to be rinks ready for speed skating, ice skating, and hockey. Outdoor events of skiing and snowboarding need to have courses prepared. The bobsled, luge, and skeleton races have special tracks that are built. Many more buildings are needed to hold event and to provide places for people to live and eat. If you are art-smart and like to draw, you might want to follow these steps to draw some of your favorite winter events. You’ll see that each event requires different skills, equipment and teamwork!

Athletes participate in the games as individuals, groups and teams. They practice their sport for many years before being accomplished enough to attend the games. Each athlete must compete in their country to qualify for their Olympic Team. Each country is allowed to send only a few athletes in each sport to the Olympics. They will gather together on February 7th at the Opening Ceremonies where it all begins!

Thanks for reading! I hope my students will be as excited about these Olympics as I was when I was a kid watching skiing, skating, and sliding. I only wish dog sledding could be an Olympic sport! I have fond memories of puppies, dogs, and sled-riding!

Winter Olympics at Sochi needs Dog Sledding! |

Winter Olympics at Sochi needs Dog Sledding! |

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