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RF_technology_changesI’m participating in the 20-day Blogging Challenge from Jennifer Brower over at Where Books and Technology Meet. She has posted 20 days of blogging challenges for librarians. I’m modifying and responding to one prompt each week.

Challenge: Technology in the Library: How has it changed? Affected your library? Your duties?

In my teaching tenure, I haven’t seen a huge change in technology accessibility in the libraries I have been in. There are more computers in my school, but they were all added to meet the demands of online assessments. I have the same number of search stations in my library as I did when I started in the library.

I have the same number of teacher laptops (1), the same number of iDevices (0), the same number of document cameras and projectors. The only big difference with the technology infrastructure between now and when I started is that we have guest wifi, and I now have a mounted interactive whiteboard rather than a portable/shared one.

To be honest, I kind of miss my king-sized sheet big screen option. There are times when a mounted projector is limiting and the screen size of our Promenthean Board is too small.

We have BYOD (for specific activities as directed by teachers–often as a reward on a Friday), but it hasn’t impacted the library or even classrooms in a positive way that I can see. They have more access to online resources during the day. But they’re usually doing online test prep or assessments.

I feel like the world is exploding technologically and my students aren’t allowed in.

So what has changed? And for the better?

I have changed.

Because I have access on my personal time and my own devices and care enough to use the technology I have to connect makes a huge difference!   It’s huge to be able to plan a project with people you’ve never met. And that makes an impact on my students! They might not be getting to sit down using iPads for an activity, but they have quality Library Centers because I can connect to a community of educators.

They might not be using Skype to connect to other students or authors or experts around the world, but I can connect and I plan lessons with the things I’ve learned from others.

It’s little. But it makes a difference. One little step at a time is sometimes absolutely okay.

January 29, 2014
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