Reading Calendars

RF_wacky_reading_calendarsDon’t ask me why I did this project…

But here it is, and maybe someone can use it? Possibly?

A calendar for each month includes reading challenges related to wacky holidays, author birthdays, and more! Each calendar includes 30 reading challenges that can be done in any order. The challenges include reading specific books, genres, authors, or reading while doing quirky things: like sitting in an empty bathtub or reading a book backwards. There are no time requirements listed for the challenge. They are created strictly for fun and to encourage students to read things that might be new to them.

The calendars are geared toward 2nd and 3rd grade readers, but older students may enjoy them and younger students may be able to complete them with family support.

The challenges were created with inspiration from obscure holiday lists and lists of author birthdays so the topics included often have a connection to things like “Take Your Pet to Work Day” or “Make a List Day.”

Wacky Reading Calendars: January and AprilIf you are interested in taking a look, they are free at TeachersPayTeachers. If you look at them, like them, use them, and wish to make a donation, you can do that also at my store. It’s part of a new pricing model I’m trying out for teachers to pay for what they like and to determine a value right for their use of the product.

I made these so that I can keep a stack of them available in the library for students to take home. I will probably also post it on my library website for anyone who wishes to print them off. It’s a quick way to make reading suggestions to families and to encourage families to read together!


  1. I printed out January and will provide this as an option for my second graders. I had to white out the book titles as we do not have three of the books – funny how our collections can be so different. Thank you, Carolyn!!

  2. Kathy Judson says:

    I put these out for first and second graders in the library and they are a huge hit!!! They are so excited because we do genre of the month for third through fifth grade. (They have to read and pass AR tests on four books for the month to win a stuffed key chain.) Now the first and second can earn a prize for doing ten items on the calendar. So far reading in an empty bath tub is the favorite!!! Thank you :)

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