Estimation Stations

RF_estimation_stationsI always love seeing the great ideas people have for timely estimation centers in their libraries. And then I think, “oh drat, it’s too late now!”

I decided to put together a list of items good for estimating related to topics so that I would be prepared for the rest of the year. I want to set up a permanent estimation station as a library center. Students have been gravitating to the Question of the Week and I think they’ll love this regular feature of the library as well.

Begin the New Year with black-eyed peas (from the seasonal collection), your favorite picture books, well-loved fairy tales, or a trip through the Dewey Decimal System! I’ve put together four sets of estimation posters. Each relates to a theme and has a list of 25 items for estimating. Included are the posters for each, entry slips and prize slips for either the library or classroom. If you want all 100 (wow you’re doing a LOT of estimating!) there’s a collection of all four sets!

Now I finally have a reason to buy the Estimation Station container from amazon that Cari mentioned on her blog this fall!

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