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Aimals in Winter Website Post | Risking-Failure.comIn the fall I started writing blog posts in advance for my school page. It really helped me keep content fresh on that space which sometimes gets overlooked. My school blog isn’t used as much in the library as our catalog homepage is.

For those that needed them, I posted sets of blog posts at TeachersPayTeachers. I’m going to continue the endeavor, but post the blogs here individually with a link to the TpT package, where they will be free. If you can use them and like them then you might want to consider a donation. I’m continuing with my new TeachersPayTeachers pricing model for some of my content. Only pay for what you like and use. Here’s this Animals in Winter package!

Here’s my post titled Animals in Winter:

Animals_in_WinterAs students learn about animal adaptations for winter including hibernation, migration and survival there are many great resources out there for animal lovers!

One of my favorites is the Bear Cam from the North American Bear Center. Here you can watch real bears in their dens. In the past years these cameras have recorded the miracle of birth as mothers give birth to cubs and care for them in the den.

Fans of “What Does the Fox Say,” need to take a look at this fox hunting in several feet of snow. Foxes are master listeners as they are tuned to what is happening under the snow. Watch and then run to your library to check out Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner.

You can read more books about animals in winter at your library! These are a few of our favorites:

Animals in Winter | Risking Failure

I realize this is extremely simple, but these kinds of posts are perfect for my library website to connect students to current events, resources, and literature.

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