Gingerbread Man in Disguise

Gingerbread Man in DisguiseI love Cari’s post at of students creating gingerbread book characters. You can read her post here and download her flyer at TeachersPayTeachers for free. I had it on my calendar to do this year and worked hard not to get behind and to remember. I’m notorious for forgetting how far in advance I need to plan for seasonal activities!

I did not use Cari’s flyer (because I forgot she had made one) and wrote my own. I explained to the students that the Gingerbread Man had escaped in the library and was trying to hide. He knows he’s delicious and doesn’t want to be eaten! The students helped him out by disguising him as a book character.

I stapled cookie sheet size foil to my bulletin board and then stapled up gingerbread men as they were returned for the two weeks after Thanksgiving break. We had enough gingerbread characters returned to fill the board so I was pleased for the response to this first-time activity. I realized that I should have thought a bit more about my directions. I like the fact that Cari asked students to read a new book. I also like the fact that she asked them to name their character! Our library assistant and I had some puzzled looks on our faces over several of our entries. It took me a few shirtless characters on the board before I figured out that Greg Heffley (of Wimpy Kid fame) always wears a white shirt. On our template it just looked like he wasn’t wearing ANY shirt!! I laughed quite a bit over that one as I looked Greg up in Hard Luck from our hold shelf.

Greg Heffley: Gingerbread ManI’ll definitely repeat this one next year, but probably change the parameters a little bit. I also want to pick up some prizes for the students who enter. I thought about asking staff to do “staff picks” and award blue ribbons for a category of their choice. There’s no way I wanted to judge all of the entries, but I like the idea of recognizing some of the more memorable entries.

There’s always something to improve, isn’t there?!


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