How to Make an Apple Pie Research

Our first grade follows a general theme-of-the-week format related to the science and social studies topics of their curriculum. And fall always brings apples.

One of the teachers approached me about working with a small group of students on a webquest she had found online for 2nd grade. Aware that it needed modification for first-graders, we sat down together to use the website as a framework for our own research study. 

We planned for me to meet with the group of students for 30 minutes each day for a week during their reading centers. 

Day 1: Read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World and use a globe to locate each location mentioned in the story.
Day 2: Use a dry erase world map (and the globes) to tape pictures of each ingredient to the map. Label with dry erase marker. Display the maps in the hallway.
Day 3: Explore the apple life cycle with print sources and take notes.
Day 4: Explore the apple life cycle with online sources and take notes.
Day 5: Pairs of students will draw a picture on chart paper of one step of the life cycle and write a caption. These will be displayed in the hallway.

The Result:

You know how you have everything so well planned, but then something like a fire drill happens. Well, the fire drill happened. So we did four days successfully and never made it to step five with one of the groups. Now I have one completed poster of a seed being planted and that’s it.

It doesn’t negate the learning that we did during the first four days though! The students were really interested in the map aspect of this lesson. I think even by first grade, some of the students have had enough of simple life cycles. They might have preferred if we had more time exploring the cultures represented in the story.

Overall a success! What’s even better is we are going to do these small groups about a lot of topics through the year. My job is to help the students become more independent as they use resources and take notes.

I made this Symbaloo Mix to add to our Destiny Homepage this week for students who want to explore the topic of Apples and Johnny Appleseed further. Directions for uploading a Symbaloo Mix as a little snippet are in my Destiny Tutorial posted on TeachersPayTeachers.

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