Saturday Morning Cartoons: Patriot & Constitution Days

When the mandate came in 2004 to teach about the Constitution Day on September 17th teachers searched for ways to make the content relevant to students. This can be a challenge when the required topic might be outside of the current instructional context and as some students are just returning to school.  Patriot Day on September 11th is similar as the history of horrific events can be challenging for elementary students to understand. Keeping instruction relevant for students and interesting for teachers is important.

I found a few videos that might help out!

The first is from Scholastic and their crew of Kid Reporters. This segment is from a 2011 interview with President Obama.

Next up is a classic: Schoolhouse Rock!

I love this video because it focuses on We The People. Using just these three words and this quick video you could launch a discussion about how people participate in community, help others, lead, serve, etc.

BrainPop has a free video about September 11th. It does come with a warning at the beginning. Be sure to watch this one before showing it to any students.

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