Ready for Readers Choice!

This is not the prettiest of pictures. I cropped out all of the other stuff on the wall like the soap dispenser, student library cards, and a name plate.

And it’s a little shiny from the laminating. But that’s what I’m most pleased about because I didn’t label this display very well last year and now I have a title that I can use for several years to come.

Here’s how it works: When a student comes to me and let’s me know that they have completed one of our nominated titles then they get to use special markers to sign the poster. When the student has signed four posters (and read four books) then there’s a small sign they can add their name to. This one is new this year. I take the students’ pictures when they read four titles and post it above these posters. These are the students allowed to vote in March for the award. But sometimes I can’t take a picture when the student signs their fourth poster and I lost track a few times of who needed their picture taken. I added the sign so that students can add their name to the list and I won’t forget anyone’s picture.

Last year I had 12 students read enough titles to vote. I think 3 of those read all ten books. Many more students participated by reading the books and each poster had at least 30 signatures. This year I would love to see 50 students be eligible for voting. I think it’s possible. The students are more familiar with the routine of looking for these books to read. I also have more titles available. Instead of purchasing 2-3 copies in hardcover, I purchased one hardcover and 4 paperbacks. Our list also skews a bit more toward third grade this year, which I like. Several titles last year were more suited for the 5th graders which made the list less accessible to most 3rd graders.

For the first time, I’ve read all of the upper elementary nominees so I’m really excited about experiencing them again with students! I know that some of them will be ready to read them before I get to my lessons kicking it off with book trailers.

What are you doing with your state book award lists? Anything special? 

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