Fly Away with New Books!

It’s a Bulletin Board!!! I never thought it would happen!!

I’m so bad at bulletin boards. I am fairly picky about not just doing something cute, but about promoting the collection or a resource in some way. I don’t just want a good slogan.

I got the inspiration for this board from this poster by Harper Collins Children’s Books floating past on my Pinterest feed.

I decided it would make a perfect back-to-school bulletin board to display some of the new books we purchased at the very end of the year and over the summer.

Do you recognize the balloon? I was going to use tissue paper, but didn’t have the right size. In my cabinet I found the leftover table cloths from the spring book fair. It was really easy to staple to the board. I did cut a balloon pattern out of poster board and stapled it up first so I would have a guide.

Each book cover balloon has a basket with its call number on it.

I wanted a more floaty font to curve around the balloon, but was it worth the time of hand cutting individual letters? Nope!

I didn’t even laminate the balloons because bulletin boards like this just don’t get repeated. I can’t send it to someone else because they won’t have the same new books. It’s all just disposable after a few weeks. All in all, it didn’t take too much time. I took photos of my new book covers instead of searching for them online. The quality isn’t as good, but it was faster to get the photos for printing. Then I created three quick patterns for the balloon in small, medium, and large. A little bit of cutting, some stapling, and it all came together!

September 2, 2013
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