Fire Drill Procedural Posters

I saw a Pinterest Pin float by last year and I snagged it for my Back-to-School Board. It was a chart to display the procedures for a fire drill.

I think is wonderful because I always forget to mention fire drill directions to all my classes. For the past two years, it took 7 weeks before I saw every class. By then students had participated in up to 5 drills and it wasn’t on my radar. But it’s really important for students to know how to exit the library during a drill. There are several exit routes that are possible. I want to make them comfortable with the routine, even if they never have a drill with me.

So I started to make a poster with marker when I thought “I could Photoshop this.”

Which I did.

And then I thought, “I wonder if someone else could use this?”

So I created more options.

And then I thought, “Maybe I should make it both Portrait AND Landscape.”

So I did that.

And this is the result for me:

And this is the result for you if you need a set for your own classroom! A set of 4 Portrait style will fit on a chart paper or a set of 6 Landscape. You can use the penguin set or there are pages for students to draw their own pictures.


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