Saturday Morning Cartoons: Pop-Up Artists

I have discovered a few gems for you today! I hope you’ll agree!

Here are two short videos featuring the work of pop-up artist Robert Sabuda. One also features Matthew Reinhart. They both do pop-up art for children’s books.

First up, is this video from Meet Me at the Corner. In this 4 minute video Robert Sabuda is interviewed by a young lady, Euphrozenia, at his New York studio. Mr. Sabuda talks about the persistence needed in his line of work as creating the art for a book can take a year. Sometimes the page doesn’t work the first time and he must try over and over until he gets it figured out. Near the very end of the video he demonstrates how to make a basic popup mouth. There are also directions on his website for this as well as turning that mouth into a monster.

Sabuda has illustrated many classic versions of fairy tales. This Little Mermaid book will be released this fall at the beginning of October.

The second video comes from the Barnes and Noble Cover Story series which explores the behind the scenes work of people who design books. Sabuda is joined by Matthew Reinhart. Together they demonstrate many of their pop-up creations and the inspiration behind them.

These videos would be a great addition to any unit about illustrators and illustration techniques. Reinhart’s website includes some more challenging projects such as this DIY Pop-Up Bouquet. What a great connection to library centers!

August 10, 2013
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