Saturday Morning Cartoons: Orientation Roundup

Here’s my collection of Back-to-School Library videos for orientation and those first library lessons. Perhaps you’ll find a new gem among them, or remember an old favorite! Do you have a favorite I’ve missed? Sound off in the comments!

You can find all of these videos on my Pinterest Board for Library: Back to School!


  1. More for older students but it’s my alma mater so

  2. And it’s not as funny as Cookie Monster but there’s the Grover in the Library video

    And this other old school SS video that’s not great quality.

    My FAVORITE Grover video has nothing to do with the library but must be shared if we’re talking videos. ;)

  3. Sorry. I was lazy and didn’t add the HTML. Forgot until I remembered I finally looked up the code!

    Study Like a Scholar

    Grover at the Library

    Old SS Video

    Grover’s Workout Video

  4. Thanks Ms. O for sharing your favorites! I love Grover!

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