Saturday Morning Cartoons: First Day Jitters

It’s happened to all of us. Someone will come up and say, “do you have a copy of _____? I can’t find mine!” The library copy is missing. You can’t find yours if you even own a personal copy. And by then it’s too late to get a copy from the public library. It’s like every copy has vanished from the earth.

Last year I was asked this question on the Friday afternoon before school started on the Tuesday after Labor Day. The public library was closed for the holiday weekend. It was too late for an amazon order. I drove to three Barnes & Nobles that listed “limited stock” on their website. I was out of luck. At one, the copies were being held for people who had called.

Wish I had thought of that!

At the time, I wrote a reminder on my calendar for a year later. So today a reminder popped up, “Get a copy of First Day Jitters!” If finding a real copy fails, here is my backup plan:

The Kissing Hand is often very popular as a Kindergarten read-aloud. I love this version I found on YouTube of a Grandmom (Mumsie) reading to her grandson Sam. The personalization isn’t too much and I think adds to the meaning of the story. If you are missing your copy of this book, you could substitute this video.

And, everybody’s favorite naughty boy!

Are you ready to rock that first day of school?!

August 17, 2013
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