Library Signs

One of my summer projects was to create new posters marking the exterior doors to my library. I have three that exit onto hallways, each in a shadowy alcove. It’s hard to know where the library is just by looking down the hall. 

I wanted to integrate Think, Create, Share, Grow, but in a simple design.  I created the design to be a standard letter-sized so it would be easy to work with.

Next I went looking for a program to splice and enlarge the poster. Frankly, I thought Big Huge Labs had such an option, but if it does I could not find it. I found a way to do motivational posters and movie posters, but not something with your own design.

Instead, I found PosteRazor (and for Mac), a simple generator program. Just specify your image, how large you want the final result, how much of an overlap should be on each page and how to center the design on the grid of pages, and where to save the file.

PosteRazor exports as a PDF file for easy printing.

Once the posters were printed I had to piece them back together. Once I got the first one done each took about 10 minutes to put together. I used double stick tape under each seam on the front side and then packing tape down each seam on the back. Using a large paper cutter at work I sliced the posters to fit in the plastic frames I have to hang them in the hallway. I did six different designs with two on each side, making sure the arrows on each point toward the library door.

I think I’ll be using this process much more in the future!

All of the signs are available in a ZIP file from Teachers Pay Teachers. I included six general Library signs and matching signs for sections of the library. Each file is a .jpg of 300 dpi (pixels per inch) so that the image is good enough quality to enlarge for printing. You can open the images with any photo viewer, insert them into Word or PowerPoint, or resize them to use as a graphic on a website. The pictures are also in a PDF file if you want to just print them as a one-page poster.

2 Library Posters and matching JPG files.
All 24 posters and matching JPG files.

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