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I am one of the luckiest librarians.

I got my first library job in the school I had been teaching in fourth grade. Our librarian was moving on to try a different age group and I was pushed (almost literally) to the office to ask for her job. The answer was an immediate “yes!” as long as I was allowed to be the librarian and go back to school for another masters at the same time. (It’s a requirement in NC that you have an MLIS to be a school librarian.)

Staying in the same school and taking over from a friend was a dream. I had time to ask many questions and get all the support I needed as I started the year. She always answered every email!

When I decided to follow my family north to Virginia I didn’t know who would be taking over for me. When the announcement came, I was delighted that it was a friend of mine who had also previously worked in our building and had gone back to school for her MLIS. I was able to go back for a week and repay my debt of receiving support. She got to ask any question and I passed on as many files and as much information as I could. I knew our library was in great hands!

I continue to maintain those strong connections to the school that has my heart and help out as I can. Not that I need to. I walked through the space this week and as always, am super impressed by Lisa’s skill. In this case, with her displays. I am not a display person. I try. I really do. But I’m not consistent or creative enough in that aspect.

I did what anyone would do. I took pictures and told her I plan to cheat and copy her. (That truly is my plan!) I also said I would be blogging pictures of her space. And with that long wind-up, here you go!

Lisa gets her display clipart from My Cute Graphics, designed by Laura Strickland. I’m usually anti-clipart, but I think I’m going to have to give it a try!!

The large clipart Lisa has printed, laminated, and attached to book ends is cute! I’m not so much a cute person, but I love the way that she anchors her displays with more than just a simple sign. When the books start to be checked out, there is enough left on the shelf to hold the theme together until new books can be added.

Her display includes title signs, clipart, books that fit the theme, and (my favorite!) a sign with a poem matching the theme. She’s my hero!!!  

 Instead of going to the shelves to randomly pull books, Lisa uses the resource lists in her Destiny catalog to locate the books. She saves the lists so she has them from year to year and can easily make revisions. I always love these ideas that aren’t so much rocket science, but are so smart. I know I can save lists from year to year, but I rarely make them for myself. I’m always making them for others. I need to use this tool to get myself organized!

This picture is of “our” Everybody Section. On top of these shelves, Lisa has pulled out favorite series and characters to display. I love the way the top of the shelf is just full of books with each group anchored by a character or a theme. Her entire library is this organized!

I told Lisa that I want to be her when I grow up. It’s completely true! Do you need a display to kick off the year? Lisa is graciously sharing her title signs and poem from her Back to School, ABC, 1-2-3 Display.

August 8, 2013
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  • Reply Ms. O

    Love the book characters along with the displays.

    About three years ago someone in our district hierarchy decided that stuffed animals were an asthma problem and we all had to get rid of them. No fabric and no plants and no stuffed animals. :(

    I would have much more money if I wasn’t a clip art addict. But who has time to scour for CC licensed photos all the time? Clip art comes pre-indexed to a theme! In and out with a display. I like the My Cute Graphics page … I just don’t only use it. She has some more library related ones on her for profit site.

    August 8, 2013 at 6:21 pm
    • Reply Carolyn

      I’m not sure how my library and this library would look if I weren’t allowed fabric, plants or stuffed animals!! They add so much to the decor that you can’t get from just posters.

      August 10, 2013 at 12:29 am

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