Storytelling with Little Bird Tales

As I’ve spent five days previewing Digital Storytelling Tools with first graders, I’ve tried Storybird and KerPoof and have now moved on to Little Bird Tales. Now, after KerPoof, I have to say that it was hard to try something new. I was reeeeaaaallly happy with KerPoof. But, this is the unit where I decided to try several tools to give them a chance and evaluate them with students. After reading Shannon Miller’s post about her students using Little Bird Tales for poetry I thought I would give it a try with students.

Little Bird Tales has an easy login process that must be completed before use. Again, I made a silly mistake on logins. The four-digit school codes that I wanted were taken, so I went with their randomly generated suggestion. Which had a 0 and an O right next to each other. Oy. How silly is that? I should have just picked a random school code! My first graders knew where each were on the keyboard, but some could not tell which order they were printed in.

One day I’ll learn….

Little Bird Tales has a quick and easy draw option for getting started without bringing in your own media. This is what we tried in our experiment. Students illustrated a Cover for their story and a few began to add pages. Most were really excited by the possibility of narrating their story as Little Bird Tales has a simple recording option. 

I like the interface with this and the ability to bring in pictures of your own. I love the record option. I also like that illustrating the cover is separate from the pages of the story. However, I have to say that this isn’t really different from Pixie, which we have access to. I think for a school without Pixie that this would be a fantastic tool. For us, I’m not sure the student login the fact that this is online has an advantages over Pixie. It’s worth giving Little Bird Tales a try though if you need a simple tool to integrate, picture, text, and sound!

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