Saturday Morning Cartoons: Tadpole to Frog Lifecycle

In the spring when every Science Teacher’s thoughts turn to the circle of life I always find myself coming back to Steven Kellogg’s 1977 The Mysterious Tadpole. There is just something about Kellogg’s illustrations I love. Not to mention Uncle McAllister!

To pair with this fiction selection I found a great nonfiction video about the life cycle of frogs narrated by kids for kids. The Spencer brothers simply explain facts about the tadpoles living in their pond beginning with hatching eggs and moving all the way through to full-grown frogs. Time lapsed video paired with facts that aren’t usually mentioned in texts make this video great. I don’t think I’ve ever read that tadpoles are herbivores before! Kids will be grossed out (and simultaneously love) the moment when they are told that tadpoles may eat each other if their food runs out. Yikes!

What are your favorite life cycle resources? If you’re like me, you could name MANY! Which ones do you come back to year after year? Or maybe new favorites?

April 27, 2013
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