Saturday Morning Cartoons: Book Monkey

Have you thought about rearranging your library? Ditching Dewey and trying something else? Maybe it’s a big project to tackle and you need some help!

Curious George to the rescue! George is a really great library helper. He can sort your returns, stamp due dates (hee!), and sharpen pencils. He can even be in charge of the library!

In this video he helps patrons find the books they need by organizing them. First by color and then by size George makes the books easier to find. In the end he receives some help from a friend and realizes that libraries should be organized by subject.

The librarian throws in a little tip that the books are also organized by author within a category. 

This video is great for demonstrating that students can find information books on the shelves by subject. It doesn’t matter if your library is Dewey or Dewey-ditched this video is great!


  1. I like George’s idea! My personal children’s book collection…which is organized by color. I’m more likely to remember how the cover looks than what the author’s name is (there are some exceptions to this, but for the mass market board books, popups, etc, that’s the case). Plus, I just think it looks spify!

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