Fish Tank Discovery

My library has a fish tank. It’s not an unusual feature in a public space and our fish tank is not new. It gets featured twice a week on our live news broadcast during the moment of silence. Sometimes students will say “they’re small!” because the fish are magnified as the camera zooms in.

This week I heard a second grader shout, “There’s a SNAIL!!!!”


Again, the snail is not new. I gave the fish tank a makeover in February with some new features, scrubbed plants, three bottom feeders and two snails.

That was many weeks ago.

But, when you notice something for the first time, it’s new to you. So goes the excitement of first discovery.

Eighty percent of the second grade class and a few Kinders felt the need to inspect the tank for themselves. I informed the excited students that there wasn’t just one snail, but TWO!


They were thrilled and I was thrilled to let them be thrilled.

Sometimes I do have to work to remember how I felt looking at such things like fish when I was little rather than rushing students off to the next thing.

“Hey look! There’s a SNAIL!!!”

I hope you get some time to discover something new around your library world this week!

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