Book Award Voting

It’s voting time!!

When I started promoting the Readers’ Choice Award in the fall, I had a wall of empty posters just waiting for student signatures as books were read. My hope was that this wall would inspire students to read these books throughout the year. That neither they nor I would forget to promote and seek out these books.

I’m pleased to say these books have circulated heavily. I’ve had a steady hold list for several of the more popular titles and barely a night goes by with Elementary nominees on the shelf.  The posters have filled with signatures. Almost a dozen students have read 4 nominees and have their pictures posted on the wall. These are the students eligible for voting. The number doesn’t sound large, but it’s more than we had last year!  And several students have read ALL of the nominees! I’m so proud of them! It’s going to be a very big deal as they fill out ballots next week.

The Primary category is a bit more problematic. I was not a good planner. All of the Kindergarten classes have read between 4-7 of the titles in their category. They are all eligible to vote. I’m thrilled with that! But, I didn’t plan so well for the first and second graders. I planned their fixed schedule units without leaving a session to marathon-read these books. Oops. Time has gone by so quickly.

It’s not that they haven’t been reading them. They have. The books have been very popular and are checked out constantly. But I have no record of who is eligible to vote and who isn’t because I haven’t leveled the playing field by reading nominees aloud to all classes.

I have stopped circulation on the Primary nominees so that students can read them in Library Centers. Most of my first and second graders visit the library a few times a week. I’ll advertise the station and students will be able to vote on the honor system next week.

My Voting Booth is a simple tri-fold board. I took the time to create something I can use repeatedly. It still needs some fanciness, but it is functional and has worked well for moving to classrooms for voting.

Front and Back of the Voting Board.


  • Trifold board
  • Party favor or popcorn boxes (the kind you unfold to assemble)
  • Badge holders (larger is better)
  • Glue dots
  • Large lima beans
  • Spray paint
  • Xacto knife


  1. Trim favor boxes to the height you like.
  2. Arrange on the back of the board and stick down
  3. Measure and draw cutting lines for the holes
  4. Use knife to cut out holes
  5. Arrange badge holders on the front of the board and stick down
March 27, 2013
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