Seuss Silhouettes Bulletin Board

We’re getting ready for Read Across America Day and a big Seuss-Celebration! Since I’m usually a day or two behind in getting ready for things (no surprise) I tried extra hard to be ready for Seuss week.

Which meant putting together a great bulletin board inspired by a few Pins at Pinterest an entire two weeks early!!! Woot woot! It’s even better news because if you want to try something like this, you might still have the time.

Inspiration one…

…and two…

And ta-da! My interpretation!

I’m particularly proud of this one because I think it just looks sharp. The silhouettes aren’t too challenging to execute, but they are a bit time consuming to cut out. It all depends on what kind of cutter you are.

The students will get directions during our Seuss-Celebration for guessing the character name or book for each shape.


  1. Choose images.
  2. Measure the space.
  3. Create a digital file to arrange the pictures. I used a 4×8 outline on Word and then put my shapes in exactly where I wanted them. Reverse the images if you are doing something where direction matters.
  4. Project the image onto bulletin board paper cut to the size of the board.
  5. Trace each shape.
  6. Cut out each shape.
  7. Staple. I reversed mine so that I wouldn’t need to erase pencil marks.

The part where I brag…
Here’s what I think totally rocks this bulletin board: black staples. Maybe it would have been difficult to see regular silver staples in the picture too, but black ones completely fade into the shape and don’t stand out or reflect.

I really want Seuss week to go on all year long….


  1. I love this idea! What did you use to project the image?

    • Stacey,

      I just loaded my image onto a laptop we have connected to a projector on a cart. I did have to set the projector almost at floor level to get it all low enough that I could trace it onto the paper and reach. You could use an opaque projector also if your school (like mine) still has one. A bit older, but they can be really useful!

  2. This is very cute! Thanks for sharing your idea. :)

  3. You can’t see me, but I’m bowing down and chanting “we’re not worthy”. Also dating myself. That looks awesome!


  1. […] interactive bulletin boards translate into prompting inquiry or inviting guessing from users. Carolyn Vibbert’s board, Seuss Silhouettes, which I found on her “Risking Failure” blog, is great for visual literacy […]

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