Animal Measuring and Research Stations

In my library for the past few weeks I’ve had a growing collection of animal measuring stations added to my usual library centers.  The new measuring stations have been very popular! I admit I was a little surprised.

Each measuring station includes a tape measure for students to measure themselves in comparison to an animal. I created 8 stations with animals from each continent and the ocean. I wanted students to measure more than just their height so I chose a variety of animal types.  A picture of the animal is posted with facts in the vicinity of each measuring tape. Most of the stations have pictures of book covers with the call numbers displayed so students could potentially find the book on our shelves. I haven’t actually witnessed that, but the opportunity is there.

I have used these stations inside the library and right outside the library doors. I’ve caught students measuring their ‘wingspan’ (compared to a bat) in the hallway, laying down to see if they match an iguana’s length, and running up to the penguin to measure their height. When I laid down tape to show how long a 48-foot humpback whale is, students visiting the library were excited to help and in awe of the length. Yesterday a fifth grader walked through with two of his buddies and informed them, “that’s how long a humpback whale is!”

I’m giving TeachersPayTeachers a shot with these babies. The Marine Iguana (my favorite) is posted for free.  Seven of the eight are up now and as soon as I get a final photo permission for the noctule bat they will all be available individually and also as a complete package.

February 24, 2013
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  • Reply Cari Young

    Carolyn, I LOVE this science center idea. I know my students will, too! Thanks for doing all the work and sharing it on TPT!

    February 24, 2013 at 2:58 am
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