New Year: Stretch, Focus, Balance and Go!

The New Year is off to a tough start for me personally. I’m dealing with a little bit of pet-heartbreak. At a time of the year supposed to be filled with optimism…it feels a bit elusive. I know I’ll get there.

Professionally I’m ready to see what the year holds! In the traditional spirit of listing goals here are mine:

  • Stretch. Keep blogging and curating on Pinterest. Blogging keeps me going by forcing me to look for new projects. I get ideas from other blogs and from Pinterest. I’m having a good time on Pinterest collecting ideas. I was a big fan of Delicious and having the visual component to links is fabulous. It appeals to me to collect, sort, categorize, and share. Two years ago before Pinterest was such a hit I was looking for more “share” from elementary librarians. I started the blog because I sent out a request to LM_NET and asked, “where are the elementary librarians?” At the time it felt to me that the voices out there were coming from librarians who have flexible schedules, older students, and resources to implement exciting technology projects. I was looking for the elementary librarians who were building strong library programs even amidst less than ideal schedules with few resources. We’re hard to find. I decided to take a risk and start blogging myself. Since then I’ve slowly found more of us out there. 
  •  Focus. My blog list on the sidebar is filled with resources from quality librarians doing quality work focused in many areas of librarianship. My blog is just one in the lineup. I’m never going to be the big thinker, the strongest advocate, have the cool tech projects, or read the most books. But I will keep sharing. Even the smallest of ideas can make a big impact on someone else. My focus is to seek out good ideas to grow my library program and to share those through the blog and Pinterest. 
  • Balance.  Twitter has been great fun to read while I’ve been home on vacation. At the same time, Twitter has made me realize how behind I am on my reading. The end-of-year best lists are overwhelming to me and make me feel like I’m not a good librarian. But, at the same time….. I can’t be all things. I need to focus and find a balance in pursuits. It’s okay if I use Twitter just because I love to follow @sarahdessen. It’s also really important for me to read more, even if I won’t be ready to write a Best Of 2013 list next year. Hopefully I can better balance reading with projects and with social media.
  • Go! I’m ready to be sidetracked and start off on an adventure! Who knows what will happen? I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete.  I want to present at the AASL Exploratorium next fall (I have huge love for the project). I’m crossing my fingers that I’m allowed to attend AASL!  I’m a Director-Elect in VaASL so that will bring some new fun. I have a new nephew who needs to know how to read (okay–at the very least–how to turn pages by 3 months). My niece needs more dance parties (I am not an expert dancer, but to a 16 month old–I ROCK!). And, what does every adult who never grows up want to do? Go to Disney World! Look out 2013 because it’s going to be grand!

Time to Share! What is waiting for you in 2013? 

January 1, 2013
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  • Reply By Amy B.

    You may think you’re never one of *those* things {under Focus} but your blog (and hence your ideas) is one of my absolute #1 go-to sources for ideas and inspiration. So as they saying goes… To the blogosphere you are someone, but to someone you are the blogosphere (or something like that).

    January 5, 2013 at 9:11 pm
  • Reply Mom

    Just catching up on your blog…you are awesome. And when “Go” is scheduled, let me know. A trip sounds wonderful!

    January 9, 2013 at 5:36 pm
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