Children’s Book Award Posters

Many states host Children’s’ Book Awards divided into a primary and elementary category. The primary categories tend to be easier to encourage participation and keep track of because the books can be read aloud in one or two class settings. If they are read aloud then all of the students have done the required reading and may vote. It is more challenging to encourage students to read chapter books on an elementary list and keep track of those who have met the requirement.

I’m trying something new this year and so far it is working marvelously. Confession: I shamelessly stole the idea from a friend of mine! I created ten posters, one for each of the nominees for the elementary category. I kept them simple and the picture shown here is of the first week I had the posters up. Another teacher and I had each read a few books and signed the ones we read. Now, as students finish a book they let me know that they need to sign the posters. I keep a special jar of markers just for the occasion and make a big deal out of each student who gets to sign. Once a student has read the number of books required to vote, I take his/her picture to print and post on the wall above these posers.

How do you promote your state award nominees and encourage your students to keep reading? 

January 5, 2013
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