Bulletin Board: This Month Is…

I created a bulletin board this month based on various celebrations in January. Execution is very simple and could be done for any month of the year.


  • Color pictures of book covers
  • Cardstock
  • Lettering


Steps for Book Covers

  • Use a calendar page to plan which holidays for which days. I chose to use only weekdays and put in daily celebrations, followed by weekly and then filled in the holes with monthly.
  • Create a template to label the month and insert a picture. 
  • Use the library catalog to find a book suitable for each celebration. 
  • Crop pictures and insert into the template. I chose to do mine slightly under 8 inches square. You could also print the picture, chop with a paper cutter, and add caption strips.

Cover-up Pages

  • Cut squares slightly larger than the printed pictures.
  • Label each square with the date the image is to be revealed.

Assemble the Bulletin Board

  • Pair the book covers with the correctly dated cover-up page and staple them to your board.
  • Take the cover-up page off each day!

January 8, 2013
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