This summer I rebooted my blog with the intention to blog every other day. For almost 4 months I met my goal and inspired myself to try new things.

I imagine most of us hit a wall every now and then. Mine arrived about two weeks ago so I’m enjoying my blog-break for a few weeks. I intend to start back up with the new year.

In the meantime…..

I’ve been enjoying time with my family. On that lucky day last week, 12-12-12, my nephew was born. He’s the most adorable Christmas present ever, even if he did come before his Christmas Day due date. I got to spend some extra time with my niece while her parents were at the hospital. She learns way too fast (as most 15-month-olds do). We did a lot of dancing and I only had a toe free to change the music on her musical turtle. Sigh. She now kicks her turtle when it stops playing music. I’m such a good aunt.

Pinterest has inspired me. Have you read Joyce Valenza’s recent post on Never Ending Search about Authors Who Pin? I was inspired to cultivate new people and boards to follow and have beefed up my Pinterest connections. I’ve gotten some great new ideas that I can’t wait to try! Today I had the sweetest note left on one of my blog posts by Melissa Techman (@mtechman on Twitter) who pinned one of my Destiny Design pictures to a Board she is cultivating for SLJ. An article about her Pinterest expertise was posted on The Digital Shift.

I decided to try Teachers Pay Teachers. I’m a huge fan of sharing just because you’ve got something to share and just handing it over. But, at the same time, who wouldn’t like the potential of earning a little bit toward Starbucks treats? I posted my Posters for Colored Library Displays just to try it out. We’ll see how it goes.

Library centers are up and running in my library. The kids are having a great time with the magnetic poetry, ipod listening station, our chess table, and even the whisperphones we’ve always had but now have a more intentional purpose.

I’m going to continue to enjoy my blog break for the rest of December. I hope you and yours find peace and joy this holiday season. See you on the 1st!

December 19, 2012
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