Thanksgiving Symbaloo

There’s a Thanksgiving Symbaloo Mix going around that is quite comprehensive with games and activities for kids related to turkeys and Thanksgiving. I started to test each of the links to determine its suitability for students working independently at a computer station.

I am really picky.


If a website doesn’t seem “official” or has too many advertisements or games to click on then it is off my list. I started to identify the links I liked and added them to my own Thanksgiving Mix. I added a few of the Scholastic Virtual Field Trip videos as well.

I uploaded the mix to my catalog homepage and sent out a quick email to alert teachers that it is available for this week. I feel like I’m running a month behind. I should have had this ready ages ago. With only a few days in school it might not get that much use, but it is something I can build on in the future.

I can only move forward.

I know that Symbaloo has been gaining in popularity with teachers. I’m now hooked. (Anything I can embed on my library catalog page AND promote to teachers as a resource is a winner!)

The page doesn’t look all that pretty when it’s whole because my intent was to embed it in a limited space and put all of the links in the three columns down the left. I think the size is PERFECT!


  1. I don’t understand how to embed this in the Destiny page. Do you know where I could read about that? I would really like to do this!! Thank you. Kathy

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