Conference Reflection

I regularly read the School Library Monthly blog that was previously maintained by Kristin Fontichiaro. This fall the blog has transitioned into the hands of the capable Rebecca Morris.

This fall was the AASL Fall Forum. After attending Rebecca wrote a post titled “Share the Wealth” about how we naturally bring ideas from conferences back to our teachers and students. She shared a quick document that can be easily filled out to keep track of what ideas you have, who it applies to, and what steps you will take to implement the ideas.

I encourage you to read the post and view her example. I have created a blank template that I’m going to use when I attend the state conference in Virginia this weekend. Each time I learn a great idea I’m going to fill in the chart. At the end I’ll have a quick snapshot of the great ideas, who they apply to, what I want to do, and what steps I can take to make it happen. I can then prioritize and choose a few to start with.

Download & Google Drive

For me, conference attendence is a very personal rejuvenation opportunity. The inspiration I gain connects me to my professional self and keeps me going. I want to be sure that my two days away from the building impact as many teachers and students as possible. I see this chart as a way to organize those thoughts and to do that. When someone asks me about the conference I will have a brief piece of documentation I can use. It’s great evidence for my professional portfolio as well.

November 5, 2012
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