Color Displays

I was setting books out on display last week and started pulling all of the green books out on a whim. A few days later I had a free shelf and decided to put out the red books…

I didn’t crop the photos. I know I always enjoy seeing a “whole” library so I left them. At least the shelves are moderately neat! I had seen several ‘color’ displays on Pinterest this summer that I loved but hadn’t yet tried. I decided just to set up several shelves of them at the same time to make the library look pretty! I made signs to go with seven colors (for now!). Just click on the link or picture below and they’re all yours too. They are really simple with an outline border and simple picture.

  • Red any good books lately?
  • Think Pink
  • Orange you glad you read great books?
  • Yellow books are just ducky!
  • It’s not easy being green…
  • Don’t be blue. Check out a great book!
  • Books are grape!
Download from Google Drive

November 15, 2012
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