Wall Decor Makeover

One of the challenges I face (and I’m probably not alone) is in keeping my space visually fresh, organized, and relevant.

It’s a particular challenge in an inherited space where items have been placed on the walls or on display for a reason in the past, but they still remain because of tradition.

Above my bookshelves were a sequence of framed posters. There was no room to display timely displays or displays related to the books on the shelf. I have wanted to make some changes, but pulling down posters that were put up with significant past resources seemed thoughtless. I posted my new Dewey numbers signs between posters where I could squeeze them in. However, students were having difficulty navigating the shelves based on signs and landmarks marking because there was too much interfering in the visual landscape.

A friend of mine helped me out. We met to exchange makeover tips. I helped her redesign her website. She convinced me that we should see what my space looks like without all of the posters. We took all of them down in the main section of the library and every other one down in the Everybody section just to see what it all looks like.

It’s more open now and I love it!

Previously, I had my procedures posted in the only wall space I had available–right up ‘front’ by my interactive white board where a poster frame had fallen down and left a hole. In the picture, they are not labeled because we took those down for testing at the end of the year and I hadn’t gotten the sentence strips back up yet.

Removing all of the posters meant I had more space available on the walls. I moved my procedures to a better space above my office door near the circulation desk where there had been a random framed photo hanging previously.

It’s a little thing, but I’m loving the overall changes that these two pictures represent. It’s tough to make changes from how things were done in the past, but a little bit at a time with a solid rationale and logic helps. Not to mention–it looks better!

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